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Mobile Repeater GSM1800Mhz – 100m

Mobile_Repeater_GSM_1800Mhz_300m No more than 4 usersIdeal for a small open office/studio Flat. This will not penetrate through walls..
Directional antennaOmni_Direction_Indoor_Antenna

The GSM 1800 repeater kit is the best device for increasing EE, Orange, and T-Mobile signals.

We guarantee this Mobile Signal booster will increase your phone signal from 1 to 5 bars from the moment its turned on.

The signal booster antenna receives and boosts a weak mobile signal through a high gain aerial and amplifies the signal areas up to 100 square meters. Easy to install and instant results guaranteed.


This booster will boost

BT Mobile Signal Boosters
EE & 4G Signal Boosters
Orange & 4G Mobile Phone Signal Boosters
Talk-Talk Signal Boosters
Virgin Mobile Signal Boosters

Product Description

Cheap EE Signal Boosters EE Mobile Signal Booster/ Orange Signal Booster/ T-MObile Signal Booster/ 4G Signal Booster/ Mobile booster/ Powermax Signal Boosters

The GSM 1800 Mhz Mobile repeater Works with EE, Orange and  T-Mobile networks

This mobile signal booster is designed for smaller sized coverage areas up to 100 square meters.

We guarantee this Mobile Signal booster will increase your phone signal from 1 to 5 bars from the moment its turned on.

What you Get

This repeater kit comes complete with everything you need to increase signal strength and stop dropped calls.

  • External signal antenna
  • Internal signal antenna
  • 10m coax cable to connect to booster
  • AC/DC Power supply
  • Easy to follow instructions


The installation process is easy just plug and play. It involves placing one external signal or ‘donor antenna’ outside; this will capture the GSM signal and send it to the repeater amplifier that will re-broadcast a clear and powerful signal inside. Boost bars, extend range and put an end to those annoying dropped calls.

Tech Specs

ain ( dB) Uplink Gp≥55, Downlink Gp≥60
Pass band ripple ≤5dB
Guard band rejection (BW-60dB)≤42MHz, (BW-70dB)≤45MHz
I/O impedance 50Ω/N connector
I/O return loss ≤-8dB
Export power (Po) ≥23dBm
Intermodulation Attenuation: ≤-40dBc (Po=13dBm)
Transmission Delay ≤0.5μs
Ambient temperature -10°C – 50°C
Power supply AC110- 220V + – 10%

Additional Information

GSM bands

1800 GSM

Coverage Area

Up to 100m